Dry Sump Oil Pumps

Our Dry Sump Pumps are built around our Patent Pending 4 lobe rotor whcih provides excellent oil pressure and flow in excess of 30 GPM on the High Volume pump for the highest need motors. The 4 lobe rotor also provides excellent vacuum to free up horsepower in the engine.

5 Stage R4 Standard Dry Sump Pump

This is the base pump in the R4 line but that doesn't mean it doesn't perform amazingly. It fits most applications with it's 1.2" wide scavenge and pressure rotor. A 1.4" thick pressure rotor is available for engines that require higher oil flow such as aluminum blocks that are also running aluminum rods or iron block motors that are running mulitple oiling accessories such as valve train sprayers and wrist pin oilers. Comes with an integrated mount that can be attached to any of our block mount plates. We can also machine custom plates or make your own for custom applications.

Left Side - Standard

1.200” Scavenge Rotors

04-5000 Std Press

04-5002 HV Press

04-5004 Std Press, RD

04-5006 HV Press, RD

Right Side - Standard

1.200” Scavenge Rotors

04-5020 Std Press

04-5022 HV Press

04-5024 Std Press, RD

04-5026 HV Press, RD

5 Stage R4 Drag Dry Sump Pump

Our drag pump features 1.4" thick rotors in all scavenge stages to get maximum vacuum and horsepower. It can be had with 1.2" standard or 1.4" high volume thick pressure rotors to fit all engine oiling needs. Mounting tabs can be mounted to one of our engine mounts or be used to create a custom mount. Available with a rear drive to mount a hex drive fuel pump.

Left Side - Drag

1.400” Scavenge Rotors

04-5060 Std Press

04-5062 HV Press

04-5064 Std Press, RD

04-5066 HV Press, RD

Right Side - Drag

1.400” Scavenge Rotors

04-5070 Std Press

04-5072 HV Press

04-5074 Std Press, RD

04-5076 HV Press, RD

5 Stage R4 Bellhousing Dry Sump Pump

The Bellhousing mount R4 features 1.2" thick scavenge rotors with a 1.4" high volume pressure rotor to supply oil to even the most demanding motor. Larger 1.4" thick scavenge rotors can be installed to run higher vacuum. Rear drive for powersteering pumps or combo powersteering/fuel pumps comes standard. Use 14-0700 mount blades for mounting to the bellhousing.


04-5056 HV Press, RD