Engine Accessories

Dry Sump Oil Pumps

Our Dry Sump Oil Pumps are built around our Patent Pending 4 lobe rotor whcih provides excellent oil pressure and flow in excess of 30 GPM on the High Volume pump for the highest need motors. The 4 lobe rotor also provides excellent vacuum to free up horsepower in the engine.

Introducing the most advanced oil pump available today. Instead of just following th competition we took our own approach. The Peterson R4 features our patent pending 4 lobe aluminum rotor design which has been proven in independent testing to provide excellent flow, amazing vacuum and rock steady oil pressure even at high oil temps. We also have invested in new machines to streamline manufacturing so not only is this pump advanced but also affordable. Other features include new modular mount system, shallow mount lightweight fittings and lightweight aluminum construction.

Lightweight Design

We have designed the new R4 pump with weight in mind. We have built it with aluminum rotors, shallow depth screw-in fittings and profile machining to make it one of the lightest oil pumps available.

4 Lobe Twisted Rotor

Our 4 lobe rotor has a patent pending twisted design that is a first for fluid pumps/ We have found that it works great for both air and fluid giving this pump rock solid oil pressure and flow, as well as, superior vacuum compared to other oil pumps.

Mount System

The R4 pump has a unique mounting system which incorporates tabs onto the pump body which allows for a variety of mounts for the same pump.

Oil Pressure

The unique design of our new rotor allows us to use it in the pressure section resulting in superior idle and high speed oil pressure even at high oil temperatures.

Rear Drive

The rear drive setup is all new on the R4. It allows for a direct mount for most popular powersteering pumps with some simple adaptors.

Made in the USA

We machine and assemble all of our parts in house at our facility in Denver,CO. This allows us to maintain our quality and respond quickly to customer requests when developing products.