Alt title of image Vaccuum Regulator Vaccuum Regulator Retro Kit

Vacuum Regulator

Our adjustable vacuum regulator is on the leading edge of engine management. It has been proven to regulate crankcase vacuum and hold a steady level through extensive testing. Vacuum can be regulated from as high as 29.7 in/hg down to 2 in/hg. Fits -12 port AN. Includes aluminum weld bung for valve cover.

Retro kit available to switch your regulator to the new design.



Height: 6"
Width: 2.312"
Hex: 1.375"
Thread: 1 1/16-12

Part Numbers

Part # Description
08-0455 Vacuum Regulator
08-0455-RETRO Retro kit for old style regulator



Part # Description
08-0455-010 Replacement Element for 08-0455

Weld Bung

Part # Description
17-0012 Replacement weld bung